Chicago Is Anyone’s Kind Of Town With One Of A Kind Attractions

Chicago Boat Tours A Relaxing Time On The Water

There are Chicago boat tours, and river tours where you can enjoy fun and food on the water.

You can sail away in a custom river boat and enjoy the waves on the Chicago River or Lake Michigan.

The views can be just stunning.

You can gather with your friends, family or significant other and tour the city from a different point of view.

Chicago River from Above at Night  (© permitting, these River and boat tours can involve viewing the many unique architectural styles that Chicago has.

Chicago Boat Tours and cruises can give you a chance to relax and sight see in this beautiful city.

You will have a variety of boating companies to choose from along with different sizes of boats and ships.

You will definitely be able to find a ship that will cater to your needs.

Some may be river boats and some may be larger boats that can also offer a cruise and dinner on Lake Michigan.

Whatever your choice may be, it’s a great way to spend time on the water.

People love to go out on Lake Michigan especially when the weather gets warm.

Chicago also has cruise boats that offer different themes with their cruises.

Some are sightseeing architectural cruises. Some themes involve firework viewing during the cruises.

These different themes can allow you to relax and enjoy the entertainment, and night views of the city.

Others themes can involve a sightseeing sunset cruise if you desire to spend a romantic evening on the water.

Chicago Riverfront Architecture Detail (© cruises may just involve cruising under the moonlight and enjoying the presence of a loved one.

You can also explore the city on one of the many River Cruises.

These tours and cruises are seasonal as the River and Lake Michigan freezes in the winter.

However in the spring, summer and fall the lake and river are alive with plenty of action.

The Chicago boat tours are very busy catering to their customers needs for a good time, and a terrific sightseeing and tour experience.