Chicago Is Anyone’s Kind Of Town With One Of A Kind Attractions

Chicago Parks Are Top Notch

This is such a big city with so many Chicago parks to have recreational fun in.

There are big parks, and smaller city parks. We have sports parks, and entertainment parks.

Even if you want to venture outside of Chicago you can come to one of our Illinois State Parks.

So no matter what kind of area you want to enjoy, it’s in Chicago or surrounding areas close to the city.

These parks are enjoyed year round, and a great hang out spot for concerts, festivals, and sightseeing.

Some of our most famous parks are Grant Park and Millennium Park.

Chicago Waterfront  (©

If you haven’t been to these parks I can guarantee that you haven’t seen parks that are so beautiful, and ornate with a variety of sculptural designs.

Just being able to sit on one of the park benches and just enjoying the view is relaxing.

Bring your camera because you will end of missing some good shots!

Flowers in Downtown Chicago (© benkrut).

These areas are a sanctuary for people who like the outdoors or entertainment.

Whether you are by yourself just enjoying the landscape, or getting some fresh air, or interacting with your family, these parks provide good outdoor fun.

Parks in downtown area have such a plethera of flowers that they greet you from all around. If you are a flower or nature lover you will love these parks.

All the hedges, trees and flowers seem to create such a intricate maze so that one view leads you to another until the parks captivate your hearts.

Sears Tower with Spring Bushes Abloom in Foreground (© you feel like having a picnic? Do you just like sitting on benches looking at people?

You will be surrounded by views of the lake as well as the Chicago Downtown districts, and many shopping venues.

When you come here you better be ready for an outdoor treat. Whatever kind of wholesome interactive fun you like, you can come to one of our Chicago parks, and it will help you unwind and enjoy your day.