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Chicago Vacation Packages Tips and Ideas For Your Stay In The City

Chicago vacation packages can combine hotels with flights and/or rental cars into one price for you as you consider your trip to Chicago.

By doing this these tips can help you get the most out of the cost of your trip to Chicago as you combine your transportation, and hotel bookings.

Putting a package together could help you save more than up to half of the cost of a vacation.

This can depend on the time of year you are traveling, whether or not your are flexible, and whether rates are competitive.

If you booked everything separately or check with the hotel and airline separately, you may have to pay more.

Here are some tips when choosing these packages & getting the best price:

    • First determine what kind of package you’re interested in, and what is most important to you on a vacation.
    • Is your hotel important or transportation offers, or the airlines you’ll be using important to you?
    • When you answer what’s important for you, compare the rates if you have time so you can determine how to get the cheapest rate possible, or how to get the best four star experience.
    • Try to plan ahead for your trip so you can have time to compare packages. You can save money sometimes the earlier you book your package.
    • Be aware that paying more can give you more convenience also.
    • If you check the hotel and airline separately you may have to pay more. However this isn’t always true.
    • Hotels and airlines can have special rates going, or lower prices individually than what a vacation package has to offer.
    • Make sure you do your research & compare rates if saving money is an issue.
    • Some companies will give you the option to book your trip early and get a further discount.
    • Include a Saturday stay on your trip, or certain days of the week as some packages offer discounts for certain days booked.
    • Also it’s good to do research and check to see if the airlines have certain days that are more discounted than others.
    • Be aware that traveling off season to certain areas will give you a discounted rate, and a great vacation. For example if you want to travel in the summer you will pay more than in the late summer, or early fall. An example of this may be traveling after a major holiday.
    • Know that certain travel agencies negotiate rates with the airlines and hotels. This allows them to create packages at lower prices than you usually get from hotels and airlines separately.
  • If you want to save as much as you can, consider possibly having to switch flights on the way to or from your destination.
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