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Best Chicago Restaurants Eateries From An Insider’s Point of View

Best Chicago restaurants can mean a lot of different things to different people.

I love to go all over the Chicago area, and eat at what I consider some of the tastiest restaurants ever.

I’ve had the chance to eat at these restaurants, and some of the most delicious food spots. You may consider me a foodie.

I don’t work for, nor am I affiliated with these restaurants. But I wanted to list some of the restaurants that many Chicagoans, including me, have enjoyed over the years.

These are just some of my personal favorites over the years, and some of my personal favorites from childhood.

These restaurant picks are from an insiders point of view of some of the local food places I have delighted myself in over the years.

Some of these restaurants have been some of my favorite picks since a child.

Now this list of tasty Restaurants by no means cover all the other thousands of great restaurants in Chicago.

But the uniqueness of these restaurants is that they are loved by many people.

Don’t let what the outside of some of these restaurants look like fool you! Chicago is full of authentically styled buildings, and hot spots that won’t disappoint your taste buds.


The Chicago area has some of the best food in the country, depending on what you’re looking for. That’s why some of the restaurants are favored by the locals who love them.

Some of these eateries I’ve listed are one of a kind. Some are fast food places, and may have chains throughout the Chicago area.

But they are considered as having some of the tastiest food around. You can come with the family and friends, and enjoy the food, and ambiance.

I wanted to introduce you to some of the eateries that you may want to visit while in Chicago to get your taste buds going.

Some of the restaurants may seem off the beaten path as far as locations, but they’re worth the trip if you’re interested in catching a tasty, and sometimes hot, and juicy bite to eat.

Now if you’re looking for something a bit different, or a more elegant dining experience you may want to try other Chicago Restaurants close to or on the Magnificent Mile.

But if you’re a hotdog, polish, pork chop or burger lover. There’s Jimmy’s Original Maxwell Street Sausage stand. It’s a one of a kind restaurant.


It used to be located close to Maxwell Street, and when I would do shopping on Maxwell street I would hop on over there, and make sure to get my special treat.

You can smell the fresh onions and roasted sausages on the grill as you approach this place. A polish with plenty of raw onions, and mustard on a warm bun, with hot fries, and a cold pop on the side is very tasty!

There’s nothing better on a hot or cold day as a matter of fact, in Chicago! Their food hit the spot. It’s open 24/7!

Jimmy’s Original Maxwell Street Location:

1250 S. UNION AVE. CHICAGO, IL 60607 Phone: (312) 733-7820

The next place on the list is White Castle. They started the very first fast-food hamburger chain, in 1921.

It’s a place where you can get mouth watering little square burgers that melt in your mouth.

They cook them with grilled onions. It’s an inexpensive, and tasty treat that everyone in Illinois is familiar with. They’re located all over.


Al’s Beef was established in 1938. They’ve been voted as having some of the best Italian Beef sandwiches for over 70 years.

They have locations all over, so check your local listings. Here are some of the locations I have visited.

Al’s Beef Locations:

1079 West Taylor Street Chicago, IL Phone: (312) 226-4017

169 West Ontario Street Chicago, IL Phone: (312) 943-3222

28 E. Jackson Chicago, IL Phone: 312-461-9292 

Harold’s Chicken Shack was founded in 1950. The chicken is Hot and juicy. The locations are mostly located on South side. They are known as one on the tasty chicken places in the city.

They have a special sauce that they put over their chicken, soft bread, and fries. It’s some of the best chicken I’ve personally tasted.

After working as a teenager on Chicago’s south side off 87 th street, I remember going to the Harold’s Chicken Stack on Halsted street for a hot bite to eat. The place was always packed, and is still very busy today.

Another place on the South side is Dock’s. They have great shakes, and an awesome hot and tasty Fishwich sandwich.

Docks Location: 112 W 87th St Chicago, IL 60620-1318 (773) 651-0704

Famous Daves Barbecue has some of the best barbecue around.

They have locations all over, so check your local listings to see the one that is closest to you.

Here are some of the locations I’ve visited.

Famous Daves Barbecue Locations: 15657 South Harlem Avenue Orland Park, IL 60462 TO GO: 708-532-7850

3303 North Perryville Road Rockford, IL 61114 TO GO: 815-636-0300 

Won Kow Restaurant in Chinatown Chicago is the oldest Chinese restaurant in Chinatown

It was established in 1927. I started visiting China town as a child and eating at the many restaurants.

Honestly every place I’ve eaten at in China Town had delicious, and fresh Chinese food. China Town has some of the best Asian food in the city.

Won Kow Location:

2237 South Wentworth Avenue Chicago, IL 60616 Phone: (312) 842-7500

I’ve tried many fish places in Chicago, then I’ve tried Calumet Fisheries.They’ve been around since 1948. If you’ve never tried authentic smoked fish you really need to give this place a try!

It’s been recommended by many food critiques such as Anthony Bourdain. AOL Chicago named it 2010 Winner of City’s Best Seafood Restaurant.

Calumet Fisheries Location: CASH ONLY

3259 E 95th St Chicago, IL 60617 Phone: (773) 933-9855

Some of the delicious restaurants for pizza I’ve enjoyed is Uno’s pizza,Giordano’s pizzaGinos, and so many other pizza places in Chicago, and in the suburbs. 

But I don’t have enough room to list all the restaurants. We all know that Chicago is famous for it’s pizza.

Sanfrantello’s is a restaurant in Glenwood Illinois that I’ve eaten at quite a bit. They have other locations also including Indiana.

It’s about 45 minutes from Chicago. But it’s worth the trip. They serve some of the best pizza in the Chicago suburban area.

It’s a family styled Italian restaurant, and it’s packed full on many days. Their Italian beef sandwiches, along with all their other food is very tasty.

This place has become a favorite for Friday and Saturday night pizza in the suburbs.

If you’re coming from Chicago you can get to Glenwood by taking Halsted Street all the way south until you get to the town of Glenwood, then make a left on Main Street.

You can also take I 94 south, and get off at the Glenwood exit, and go east.

Sanfratello’s Pizza Location: 127 West Main Street Glenwood, Illinois 60425 Phone: 708-758-5500

The Old Warsaw Buffet was voted as the # 1 Polish Buffet By Time out Chicago Magazine.

Old Warsaw Buffet Location:

4750 North Harlem Avenue Harwood Heights, IL 60706 Phone: (708) 867-4500

The Chicago Diner has been Meat Free Since 1983. They have an all vegetarian, and mostly vegan menu.

Chicago Diner location:

3411 N. Halsted, Chicago IL Phone: 773-935-6696 

Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant and Bakery. It’s known for it’s great breakfasts, and food.

This business started in 1923, and many famous people have ate here.

It’s located at the start of Route 66 at 565 W. Jackson Boulevard.

Lou Mitchell’s Location:

565 West Jackson Boulevard Chicago, Illinois 60661 Phone: (312) 939-3111

This page depicts the photographs of Cragin Spring, who is a Chicago photographer that captures Chicago in a unique way.

He gives you a rare inside view of how some of these Chicago’s beloved eateries, and best Chicago restaurants look.

As you click on his pictures you can get connected to his site, and view other eateries, and pictures of Chicago that he has taken.

Considering some of my picks and the city’s popular eateries, wherever you choose to eat, I hope you enjoy your pick of some of these places.

Bon appetite at one of our Best Chicago restaurants!