Chicago Is Anyone’s Kind Of Town With One Of A Kind Attractions

Some Of The Best Restaurants In Chicago Are Located On Michigan Avenue And Close By!

Some of the best restaurants in Chicago are located on the Magnificent Mile and the surrounding areas.

To qualify as one of Chicago’s best restaurants you have to have great food that’s full of flavor, along with impeccable service.

These restaurants serve delicious meals that will encourage you to come back time and time again.

Here’s a list of some of the best restaurants that Chicagoans including I enjoy, if they are looking for a tasty meal in a unique ambiance.

The Signature Room at the 95th is located at the John Hancock Center.

It offers great skyline views of the city so bring your camera!

They offer lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch.

The Signature Room at the 95th Location:

875 N. Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 312) 787-9596

Wow Bao is an Asian restaurant. One of their specialties are steamed Baos which I’ve tried.

They are filled with tasty meat and vegetables. You can also get salad, soups and noodle bowls also, among other things.

There are different locations, and the menu may vary.

Wow Bao location: 835 N. Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 642-5888

Bistro 110 is located in downtown Chicago. It’s a few minutes away from the Magnificent Mile. They serve bistro favorites, and French & American food.

Bistro 110 Location: 110 E. Pearson Street Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 266-3110

Romantic couple having dinner (©

Cafe Spiaggia is located on the Magnificent Mile.

It’s a four-star restaurant, and is renowned for it’s Italian cuisine.

So if your looking for great places to eat in Chicago that serve Italian food, this place has some of the tastiest dishes ever! The ambiance is known to be warm and welcoming.

Cafe Spiaggia Location: 980 N. Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 280-2750

Frankie’s Scaloppine is a classic Italian restaurant in the Magnificent Mile neighborhood. You can get many types of pizzas, and other classic Italian dishes.

When you visit Chicago, you will see that they are not short on tasty Italian restaurants.

Frankie’s Scaloppine Location: 900 N. Michigan Avenue, 5th floor Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 266-2500

Gino’s East of Chicago is a pizza lovers haven. It has many locations in the city, and the suburbs. You can get a hot tasty pizza here anytime.

So get ready for good sauce, and toppings. Most people I know in Chicago don’t turn down good pizza.

Gino’s East of Chicago Location: 162 E. Superior Street Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 266-3337

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Fulton’s on the River is located on the Chicago River. It’s a Seafood and Steak House.

They are known for there crab cakes, steaks and deserts. The view on the river is breath taking, and great for a romantic night out.

So after you eat at one of the best restaurants in Chicago maybe a little romantic walk by the water might be nice!

Fulton’s on the River Location: 315 N. LaSalle Street Chicago, IL 60654 (312) 822-0100


The Grill on the Alley is on the Magnificent Mile, and across the street from the John Hancock Center.

This restaurant is well known in different areas of the U.S. for their steaks, chops, and seafood.

The Grill on the Alley Location: 909 N. Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 255-9009

Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab restaurant is famous for their crab, seafood menu, and steaks.

There deserts are great! The ambiance is warm and welcoming.

Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab Restaurant: 60 E. Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 379-5637

Chicago's Michigan Ave at Night  (©

The Plaza at Park Grill is located across Michigan Avenue at the beginning of Chicago’s Millennium Park.

There’s great outdoor dining, and live entertainment.

At Park Café you can pick up food that’s specially prepared, and enjoy a picnic if you want. The outdoor views are great.

Park Grill Location: 11 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60602 (312) 521-PARK

Petterino’s is in the theatre district of the Loop. This restaurant has a 1940′s style, and look with famous actor’s pictures, and sketchings all over the walls.

They are known for their great steak, fresh seafood, and classic American cuisine. They also provide patio seating,and entertainment.

Petterino’s Location: 150 N. Dearborn Chicago, IL 60601 (312) 422-0150

The Berghoff Catering & Restaurant Group is located in the Loop and serves German-American cuisine since 1898.

The Berghoff Catering & Restaurant Group Location: 17 W Adams St (between State St & Dearborn St) Chicago, IL 60603 Neighborhood: The Loop (312) 427-3170

With just this little list you can tell that the city has plenty of classy places to choose from.

You can dress up, or go casual, and plan a great afternoon or evening out.

Who knows? The food in Chicago may just make you pay another visit to the city!

The list of tasty food will continue to grow so your palate can fully enjoy Chicago like mine does!

Don’t worry if you are looking for more variety, different eateries, other tasty restaurants, or more best restaurants in Chicago. They will be there.

Bon Appétit!