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Brookfield Zoo Chicago You Will Love The Animals Here

Brookfield Zoo Chicago is another zoo that’s close to the downtown area that’s open all year round.

The land area is huge and will keep you and your children busy all day! So get ready to see a full spectrum of animals from around the world. 

This zoo was founded in 1934 and has a reputation for great animal care and the conservation of animals in the natural world.

It’s the kind of zoo that will keep you coming back year after year.

Brookfield Zoo (©Wikimedia)

They believe in compassion towards animals. There mission is to inspire conservation leadership by connecting people with wildlife and nature.

This zoo is huge and is located on 216 acres with carefully landscaped grounds, fountains and statues! You definitely have a lot to see!

brookfield zoo (© Cortes)

The Zoo does some fascinating research in animal population genetics, the science of animal care, nutrition and behavior research, and the study of animals behavior and their hormones among other things.

They believes in promoting the well being of animals.

Dolphins (© Zoo has plenty of animals that walk on the land and those that swim in the sea.

This zoo will give you a new awareness of how smart these animals are!

There is an incredible Dolphin Show at theSeven Seas.

After this show you will have a fonder appreciation for dolphins and a deeper love for them!

You will see stunning natural habitats to keep animals from around the world in their natural environment.

There is the Great Bear Wildernesswhich is a 7.5 acre that exhibits grizzly bears, polar bears, wolves, bald eagles, and bison!

You will get to see how these animals are in their natural habitat.

From A to Z you have all the animals incorporated in this zoo.

There is a habitat for different groups of animals.

You have Habitat Africa and Australia among them.

There are so many animal kingdoms represented here. The list is exhaustive!

Watch out for the Dinosaur! He can’t run, so don’t be afraid, but he’ll be waiting on you!

These animals sure are big! There are many different dinosaurs here to see, so be prepared because they appear very lifelike.

Just imagine how they were millions of years ago.

There’s a lot going on in the water here! There is a Stingray Exhibit with the rays in 16,000 gallons of water.

There is Tropic World where you have fish from all over! There colors are so vivid and wonderful!

This place has everything. There is a huge Bird collection.

You have a Children’s Zoo that provide a lot of teaching and interaction for kids.

They have a youth Conservation & Science Leadership Program.

Your child can earn a Zoo World Patch, if they complete a a self-guided educational program about animals.

This helps teach them how to treat and keep pets, and what pets are the best to have.

There’s a Butterfly area where you will see a world of wonder fly by. The list is exhaustive!

There is the Animal Carousel that kids love to ride and pretend they are riding an actual animal!

When you leave this zoo you will feel you got your money’s worth!

Also you will have walked so much to not to miss all the attractions, that you will feel that you have gotten your workout for the day!

From the rodents to snakes in theReptile House, they are all in here.

All the animals in the animal kingdom are represented here with humanity and respect.

The zoo located at First Avenue between Ogden Avenue and 31st Street in Brookfield, Illinois just 14 miles west of downtown Chicago.

Brookfield Zoo Chicago Location:

8400 31st Street(1st Avenue and 31st Street)

Brookfield, IL 60304

Guest Line (708) 688-8000

Phone: If outside Chicago(866) GoToZoo or (800) 201-0784.