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Buckingham Fountain Chicago What A Real Fountain Is All About

The Buckingham Fountain Chicago was built in 1927. Kate Sturges Buckingham donated one million dollars for the fountain which was dedicated to the memory of her brother, Clarence.

This majestic fountain is located in Chicago’s Grant Park. It not only has great views to Lake Michigan, but is surrounded by beautiful bushes, and flowers in Grant Park.

The Fountain is a huge and has four basins with elaborately carved pink Georgia marble with granite details.

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Some of it’s unique features is that it can use approximately 15,000 gallons of water per minute.

One of it’s major display occurs every hour for 20 minutes where it sprays water to a height of 150 feet from the ground.

You will definitely feel the rush of the fountain and water mist on your face. It feels good on a hot day in Chicago.

The fountain has four green seahorses that represent the four states that border Lake Michigan.

Take time to view it’s beauty as the tall Chicago structures are behind, and adjacent to it.

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If you are looking for a romantic night by a great Chicago sightseeing structure, then you have to come to this fountain.

If you are looking for an incredible nights view of the city then this beautiful fountain will help you have a surreal moment by night, or a moment in awe by day.

When you are there make sure you make a wish for your dreams to come true!

The final display of the evening begins at 10 pm.

Buckingham Fountain Chicago Hours: 8 am – 11 pm daily, spring and summer, depending on weather. Times are subject to change.

Location: Columbus Dr. (301 E.) & Congress Pkwy. (500 S.) Chicago, IL 60605