Chicago Is Anyone’s Kind Of Town With One Of A Kind Attractions

Enjoy Chicago And Illinois For Your Cheap Day Trips

Are you interested in going to Chicago for your cheap day trips? Well if you wanted to visit the city for a day it’s feasible.

You can get your money’s worth if you want to plan a variety of things.

Short day trips can be an encouraging getaway from the hustle and bustle of life.

You can decide to go to Chicago for a date in a day, or for a trip with your family.

These trips are accessible throughout Chicago, Illinois, and other surrounding areas. It depends on what you’re looking for.

Sometimes in order to enjoy a short trip or getaway you have to be willing to go off the beaten path, and try something new or unconventional.

Jimmy's Original Maxwell St. Hot Dogs ( Moved from original location at Maxwell & Halsted Streets)(© Cragin Spring)

If you like tasty foods as most people do, then when you come on your trip you will have to try some of Chicago’s foods from unconventional, but very popular locations for Chicagoans.

These eateries and food locations are so popular that people come from all over to eat there.

For example if you want to fly out of the state, you can easily take a charter flight from the Gary Chicago Airport and go to a casino for a day in another state.

It’s a convenient and easy way to have quick access to another state from the Chicago area.

You can visit our world class museums, and have a ton of indoor fun! We have plenty of them here along with Rockford, Illinois.

If you’re already staying in Chicago you can venture out to one of our close suburban cities to get some more fun and entertainment in.

If you’re with the kids then you may want to take them for a day to Rockford Illinois. They have a lot of fun events, such as the water parks, golf, and other sports activities, and things to do there!


Day Trips When It’s Warm

Chicago is a city where you can spend the day doing things cheaply or for free.

You can take a bike ride along the many miles of lake shore path, skate or walk if you enjoy physical activity.

To make the trip more adventurous carry your lunch and enjoy some tasty treats as you sit along the lake front enjoying the views and your day.

Then you may want to choose to hang up at the Beach a little and catch some of the lake breeze before your day comes to an end.

If you’re traveling with the kids take them to Lincoln Park Zoo which is a free zoo right in the midst of the city with many attractions. It’s open year round.

Then after the zoo you can go and chill out in Lincoln park or anotherChicago Park, and have a picnic or grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant.

If you want to retreat for a day out of the city visit one of our state parks, and don’t forget to bring your grill.


Day Trips When It’s Cold

Some people like to hibernate in the winter. Others enjoy the season year round.

You can consider some of these Winter Vacation Ideas in the Midwest to help you get away from it all in the winter time.

You don’t have to visit the Alps or Colorado, to only have winter fun.

These are just a few suggestions of things to do in the winter that I’ve listed for you to enjoy.

Of course you know that there are many other things to do, and this list is not exhaustible, but these are a few good ideas to start with.

So enjoy your time away from the demands of life! Everyone needs some time away to keep themselves going, and encouraged even if it’s for a day, or two on your cheap day trips.