Chicago Is Anyone’s Kind Of Town With One Of A Kind Attractions

Cheap Romantic Getaways Explore Chicago’s Romantic Side

There are many Cheap Romantic Getaways in Chicago. You can enjoy a quick weekend getaway or stay for longer periods.

These getaways can cater to your spirit as well as enhance your relationship. There are many places to visit if you want to plan your trip.

If you want to enjoy a great, intimate and romantic time with a loved one. Chicago will keep you coming back time and time again. 

Chicago Lakefront (© are so many places to go and visit that you may make your trip a yearly event for your anniversary.

The following suggestions are some of the many romantic ways you can explore and spend your getaway in the city.

If you want to stay in a cozy environment you can stay in the many Romantic or Cheaper Hotels, or a Romantic Hotel in the city.

These romantic hotels will cater to your needs if you don’t want to go outside.

Some have indoor spas that can tend to your pampering needs also.

As a couple you can get some quality spa time in and be rejuvenated after your cheap romantic getaways.

If you are ready to travel and see the city then being chauffeured around in a Limousine might suit your needs.

There are limousine services of all types and sizes that can get you around town in romantic luxury at a reasonable price.

So make sure to compare and see what the best deals are.

If you need to eat at the many four stars or elegant Restaurants then you have a great choice around the Magnificent Mile area.

However Chicago has many other great tasting food that may not be four stars restaurants but can give your taste buds a run for their money.

If romance to you is trying some of the popular eateries that have been around for a while, or going on an impromptu date at a more casual or local place, then there are plenty of places to go to in Chicago.

Then you have some of the famous local eateries that don’t cost a lot but that you can treat yourself to for a day.

Remember restaurants can be a matter of taste, but being open may give you a good date time, and a chance to eat some good fast food or local treasures!

Some of these restaurants are noted on the best restaurants list for certain foods.

So check your options because remember Chicago has a wide variety of foods to eat.

These Chicago eateries tend to have plenty of take out options.

So you can even get a blanket and have a little picnic in the park.

Doing something a little different sounds romantic, and fun in it’s own special way. 
If you want to keep the romance going in the day and especially the night you have to visit this famous Chicago Fountain.

This fountain lights up in an abundance of different color hues and seem to an an effervescent glow at night.

It’s a great place to take pictures in the day time and night time.

And also a great place to enjoy the scenery of the garden it’s located in and the views of the lake front with the ships passing by.

Going to the a Buckingham Fountainespecially at night in the summer when the fountain is lit up will definitely create a romantic ambiance.

While you’re there just being able to enjoy the lights of the city and the lakefront under the moonlight is a great experience.

How about catching a show at the Chicago Theater where a classic atmosphere will greet you as you watch a show of your choice.


Romantic couple having dinner (©

Are you willing to tour the city by a carriage ride in any season as you stroll down the Magnificent Mile and see all the lights at night on this famous mile.

If you want to try one of our very famous themed lake or river cruises in the day time or under the stars there are plenty of different cruise options.

I’m sure a romantic cruise on the water in the day or night time will spice up your relationship and create more of a intimate ambiance.

Lake Michigan is vast off the city where you can plenty of romantic dinners or excursions on the water.

If you are in for some dancing some of these boats have entertainment where you can mingle and dance if you like.

There is plenty of fun you can have with your partner because these ships know how to create the perfect romantic atmosphere.

Bringing your significant other a surprise gift, some flowers, chocolate, and toasting with champagne or wine wouldn’t hurt either.

If you like fun, entertainment and adventure.

Navy Pier has so many things to do from going on the enchanting Ferris wheel ride to enjoying a concert of your choice.

The sightseeing off this pier is fantastic.

Many couples of all ages stroll along the pier at night enjoying each others company during their getaway. 

Navy Pier at Sunset (© 

As they walk hand in hand off the pier they view the beautiful stars, and shimmering lights of the amusement park at the Pier and the lit up Chicago Skyline.

Chicago is just a beautiful city that encourages romance.

Many off these romance filled getaways don’t cost anything, and are simple and intimate way to enjoy your significant other.

Plus they leave you with great memories.

If you would like to venture a little outside the city you can enjoy the serenity as well as explore the outdoor floral environment of the Botanical Garden.

If you would rather stay around in the city you can visit and stroll through the Lurie Garden in Millennium Park or see the flowers and Roses in Grant Park.

What about some wine tasting in the afternoon or as an ending to your romantic day.

This getaway experience will make you want to come back to this city time and time again.

Who knows, spending time here can become an annual event or a periodic getaway for you and your partner because Chicago is a city that you can easily fall in love with.

It is a city where you can find plenty of fun, romance and host of ideas for your cheap romantic getaways.