Chicago Is Anyone’s Kind Of Town With One Of A Kind Attractions

Chicago Beaches Best Water Fun In The Midwest!

Chicago beaches offer the best time on the water in the Midwest.

Not only do we have beaches but they are quality beaches!

You can access a lot of the beaches either from a lakefront trail or through a walkway under Lake shore Drive for the northern beaches.

Chicago Lake Michigan – Oak St Beach (©

The list is endless from the south shore to the north shore they span up and down the lakefront.

Aside from going to the ocean these Midwest beaches will give you a good time in the sun and a good tan if that‘s your desire.

These mid west lake shore beaches attract millions of people every year from families, couples and singles alike.

If you want to have a good time with friends and family you will see people piled up on the beaches along Lake Michigan.

Some may be playing checkers or other board games.

They may be throwing Frisbees, or flying their kites but you will see them definitely having fun.

North Avenue Beach is a very popular beach. Everyone who loves the beach in Chicago has been there.

This beach hosts international volleyball tournaments every year and has a lot of volleyball courts.

It has a very clear and defined shoreline with a lot of Piers.

If you like to play chess, there’s a chess area with chess lovers galore there.

Beach Volleyball (©

North Avenue Beach has a Beach House which cost 7 million dollars to build. This beach house looks like an ocean liner that’s blue and white.

It has upper decks and portholes for looking out on the water. It has 22,000 square feet of space.

This area has whatever you need for a good beach time!

It has an outdoor eatery, concession stands, showers and bikes, and chair and volleyball equipment rentals.

North Avenue Beach House 1600 N. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60614 Phone: 312-742-PLAY

If you’re in for some activity but also want to enjoy the lake shore. There are lakefront trails for bikers, skaters and cyclist along the lake shore.

You will see people enjoying their activities of choice, staying in shape, and enjoying the scene on the beaches!

There are volleyball nets along the beach if you’re in for some competitive beach fun and activity.

Some people just like to lounge along one of our lake side cafes such as Castaways at the North Avenue beach house.

The beach provides fun things to do in Chicago and is a great hang out spot when the weather is right. Along the lake shore you have a lot of beaches to choose from!

Chicago Oak Street Beach (©

There’s Oak Street Beach, which is a popular beach that sits on Chicago’s north side.

It’s clean and located just off the north end of Michigan avenue.

This is a place to go and interact with the crowd if that’s your desire.

This beach is in the Gold Coast area and you will find people there that are very stylish, and know how to keep themselves looking good!

Don’t think Florida is the only place with palm trees, we have them here too!

Oak Street Beach is located at 1000 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago (312) 742-5121.

Fullerton beach is another beach located in Lincoln Park.

This beach attracts a lot of families probably from the Lincoln Park area and it’s close to Lincoln Park Zoo.

Chicago Navy Pier (©

It’s just up from North Avenue. It’s not as crowded as Oak street and North avenue beach but it’s nice.

You can walk under the lake shore drive tunnel to get there.

Location: 2400 N Lake Shore Drive Fullerton & Lake Shore Chicago, IL

Ohio street beach is next to Navy Pier so you have close access to the pier if you want.

This is one of the smaller and quieter beaches on the lake shore if you may be looking for less outdoor stimulation.

It’s smaller than Oak street and North avenue beach but it has a great view!

Location: 400 N Lake Shore Dr (Ohio St. @ Lake Michigan) Chicago, IL 60686

The 2013 Chicago beaches season runs May to September 3.

Swimming is permitted and lifeguards are on duty at all the city’s beaches from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., unless otherwise posted.

In mid-summer, from June 20 – August 21, select Chicago beaches open for swimming earlier in the day, at 9:30 a.m.