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Chicago Salmon Fishing The Fish Are Waiting On You!

So have you ever tried Chicago Salmon Fishing?If you have you know it’s an adventure in itself.

If you haven’t then it’s a unique and relaxing way to spend your day on the Lake Michigan.

I don’t have a boat but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying boat rides, and fishing on Lake Michigan.

Well where do we start? Midwest Salmon Fishing is a sport that’s very rewarding. There are many different kinds of species of fish in Lake Michigan.

Salmon fishing in Chicago is very bountiful because since the Coho Salmon and the Chinook Salmon were introduced in Lake Michigan they have thrived!

They also have great Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout!

Ready for the Gaff (© you are up to spending your day on one of the Chicago fishing charters then the fish are waiting to be caught and tasted.

If you like being on the water one of the various fishing charters will be more than happy to escort you on the water, and show you some of the best places to fish.

These experienced boat captains use vessels that are strictly licensed by the US coast guard for 6.

There is another that is licensed for up to 18 passengers.

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These charters vary in size and have different priced packages, but all their captain’s are ready to take you on a Lake Michigan fishing trip to share their experience and love of the water.

Here is a list of some of the Charter companies for your convenience. I am not affiliated or get paid by these companies so I don’t have a preference for one over another.

Kingfisher Charters has three Chicago fishing boats.

    • Located in Belmont Harbor.
    • Chicago Salmon and Trout fishing is their passion.
    • Season starts about April 15th through October 30th.
    • They have Fishing Charter Boats from 24′ to 38′ foot available.
    • Peak season for fishing is from June to August.
    • Ships names are: King Fisher, it’s 38 feet long and has a 13’5″ foot beam. It has a private and clean bathroom. It’s engine has 700 horsepower.

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    • Another ship on the fleet is Salukis Pride which is 30 feet long and a 11”3 foot beam. It has 520 horsepower.
    • They have the 25 foot Trophy which carries up to 4 passengers on short trips for Salmon fishing and has 230 horse power.
    • They offer fishing trips but they also offer various other kinds of boat trips. They also offer night fishing!
  • They have a no catch fish policy. If you don’t catch any fish, you’re next trip is free!

Kingfisher Charters is 2.5 miles from Downtown Chicago at the Belmont Harbor which is located in Lincoln Park near Wrigley Field. Phone (773) 425-8554.

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Just basking off shore in the sun and on the water on one of these charters can help take your mind off of any stress.

Angler Charters is another company. The Captain is Captain Gintas.

    • He has been fishing the waters of the Lake Michigan his entire life. He has booked thousands of trips.
    • The Angler is a fully equipped 35′ Trojan fishing charter boat with 350 horsepower engines.
  • This Chicago Fishing Charters company boats depart from Montrose Harbor daily. Angler Charter also books for other events.

Location: 4400 North and Lake Michigan.

For reservations call: (708) 738-6155.

There is also Captain Al Skalecke’s Charter Boat Fleet.

    • Captain Al Skalecke has been fishing in Lake Michigan waters for over 30 years.
    • His ship Manytimes II is U.S. coastguard licensed to take more than 6 passengers up to 18 passengers.
    • The ships have state of the art electronics.
    • The Floating B & B is another ship that has a 6 passenger capacity.
    • There’s the Fun Times which has a 4 passenger capacity. Daily licenses are available on board.
  • Chicago Salmon fishing season is from April through September. They also offer party cruising charters.

If you want to book on Captain Al Skalecke’s Charter Boat Fleet call (312) 565-0104.

Location: Burnham Harbor Downtown Chicago.