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Tips On Your Illinois Highway Map

Here are some insider’s tips on how to understand your Illinois Highway map when coming to, from, or getting around Chicago.

This time saving information will help you avoid certain areas of the city during rush hour.

These Highway pointers will help you understand which highways are the best access routes to your destination.

So buckle up and get ready to enjoy your travel.

Highway Tips In and Out Of The Chicago Area:


    • The Dan Ryan Expressway (I-90/ I-94) is one of the busiest expressways in Illinois. It runs from the Circle Interchange with I-290 near Downtown to the South Side, and South suburbs. The Red Line L train runs in the middle of this highway. Consider taking the L train to avoid the congestion on this highway.
    • The Kennedy Expressway (I-90/I-94/I-190), also called the North-West Expressway, is the other busiest expressway in Illinois. It runs Northwest from the Chicago Loop to O’Hare Airport. From O’Hare, it runs East as well as South to Downtown. The Blue Line L train runs in the middle of this highway.
    • The Circle Interchange, near Downtown, is an expressway interchange between Congress Parkway and the Dan Ryan, Eisenhower and Kennedy Expressways. Rush hour traffic here is very heavy.
    • Eisenhower Expressway (I-290) runs from the Circle Interchange, near the Loop, to the West suburbs.
    • The Stevenson Expressway (I-55) runs from Lake Shore Drive, near McCormick Place, to the South and Southwestern suburbs.
  • Interstate 294 (I-294) is a toll interstate in northeastern Illinois that bypasses around Chicago.


Highway Map Tips In and Out Of The Chicago Area:
    • Interstate 355 (I-355) or Veterans Memorial Tollway, is a Highway & tollway in the western and southwest suburbs of Chicago.
    • I-94 runs south from Wisconsin to Indiana via downtown Chicago. It runs east to the Edens Expressway, and turns south through the city of Chicago. At I 80, I-94 runs east to Indiana on the Kingery Expressway
    • The Bishop Ford Freeway or I 94, and then I 394 is still called the Calumet Expressway. It starts at the south end of the Dan Ryan & goes southeast, then south through southern Chicago into the south suburbs.
    • The Chicago Sky or I 90 is high up in the air. It angles off from the Dan Ryan Expressway near 66th Street and heads southeast toward Indiana.
    • Lake Shore Drive or U.S. Route 41 is a major highway that runs parallel with Lake Michigan through Chicago. The scenery is great on this roadway. But the traffic is congested during rush hour.
    • Interstate 57 runs from the bridge over the Mississippi River north to Chicago. I-57 is the longest Interstate Highway in Illinois.
    • Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway or I 88, also known as the East-West Tollway, is a northern Illinois toll road. It takes you east into Chicago as you catch I 290 off I88.
    • The Edens Expressway (I 94 & U.S. Route 41) is the main major expressway north from the city of Chicago.
    • The Tri-State Tollway, is a U.S. toll road with 3 highways (Interstate 80, Interstate 94 and Interstate 294).
  • The Jane Addams Memorial Tollway is a 79-mile stretch of I 90 from I 190 in far northwest Chicago. It’s close to the Wisconsin state line and runs east-southeast directly to the city of Chicago.

I hope these Illinois highway map pointers will help you navigate through Chicago, and the state in no time. Enjoy the state!