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Lake Michigan Shipwrecks – Explore The Great Lakes

There are many Lake Michigan Shipwrecks from ships that have tried to navigate these large bodies of water.

The Great Lakes are the largest group of fresh water lakes on Earth.

If you are interested in this known fact, or scuba diving in old wrecks then you can find some of the best preserved shipwrecks in the world in Lake Michigan, as well as the other great lakes.

The lakes are all connected into the Atlantic Ocean through the St. Lawrence River also known as the St Lawrence Seaway.

Many ships have traveled through the Great Lakes throughout the centuries while carrying large quantities of bulk freight, such as iron ore, lumber, coal, and grain.

Hundreds of them sank to the bottom of these lakes. Quite a few of them have been discovered, and others are still waiting to be discovered and explored by divers.

If you choose to dive to see any of the shipwrecks, then you will have to do it with experienced guides and divers.

Also be aware that you will need training on how to dive and that scuba diving can be a dangerous sport.

You will have to make sure you seek and attain the proper level of training and information on water conditions before attempting to dive in any of these wrecks.

These shipwrecks range from small pleasure boats to huge ore carriers.

Very bad weather on the Lakes sank a number of these ships.

Some ships have been there for hundreds of years. However since the lake is free of the corrosive effects of salt, many of these wrecks are well-preserved.

Experienced divers know that great lakes diving is an incredible area to scuba dive in the United States without having to travel to another country.

If you are interested in an interesting past time and a very skilled, and sometimes challenging endeavor then you many want to consider deep shipwreck scuba diving.

I’m sure there isn’t going to be a dull moment as you discover all the treasures and ships of times past at the bottom of the lake as you adventure out in these Lake Michigan Shipwrecks.