Chicago Is Anyone’s Kind Of Town With One Of A Kind Attractions

Check Out Our Two Major League Baseball Teams

Our Two Major League Baseball Teams are the Chicago Cubs, and the Chicago White Sox.Are you ready to be taken out to a ball game?As a baseball fan seeing one or both of our two Teams will be worth your while!

Chicago is one of the few cities that have two professional Teams.

So, one of the things you must do when you come to this city is to come to one of our baseball games.

Wrigley Field, Outside  (© to see these teams play is an exciting treat and experience for the whole family, and for sports fans alike.

Chicagoan’s are very faithful and loyal to their baseball and other sports teams.

Come rain or shine they are there.

The atmosphere at these games are very thrilling also.

Plus the food and drinks are tasty too, especially on a hot day!

If you are visiting here you and your family will enjoy these baseball parks.

You can jump up and down in the stands having fun with the teams and crowd.

Your cheers and celebration of our Chicago teams will be well received as you enjoy your time in the stands.

Don’t forget to wear the team colors when you are coming to a game.

It can help the team spirit catch on fire in the stands.

The Chicago Cubs colors are blue, red and white.

The Chicago White Sox colors are black, silver and white.

The Chicago Cubs of the National League play at Wrigley Field, which is located in the north side neighborhood of Lakeview.

The western part of this area is commonly referred to as “Wrigleyville.”

U.S. Cellular Field (©Alan Mars / )

The Chicago White Sox of the American League play at US Cellular Field, which is located in the South Side neighborhood of Armour Square.

The American League, or the American League (AL) is one of two leagues in Major League Baseball, in the U.S. and Canada.

The National League of Professional Baseball Clubs, or the National League (NL), is the other, and the oldest of these leagues.

When the season ends, the American League champion plays the National League champion in the World Series.

So you never know, two of our Major League Baseball Teams may be playing each other when you are visiting the city, and this could be a lot of fun for baseball fans.