Chicago Is Anyone’s Kind Of Town With One Of A Kind Attractions

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel and Fun Park

If you’re afraid of heights you may want to get on the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel with your eyes closed!If your kids are looking for a fun ride, or if you’re looking for social fun, then the Ferris Wheel will take you on a joy ride.

It has 40 carriages that can sit up to six passengers each.

It’s 150 feet high and gives you a chance to twirl around and around, and get a heads up view of the city and the skyline.

I’ve been on this ferris and it gives a great view of the city. It’s the largest ferris wheel I’ve been on and fun!

This Ferris wheel is open year round and allows you to see views of the city and Navy Pier that you weren’t able to see on the ground.

Navy Pier (©

At night the Ferris Wheel will be lit up and it will give you a surreal view of it’s bright lights and the bright lights on the lakefront!

It can be one of the those experiences that you, your significant other, or children can remember for a lifetime!

Not only does the fun park have a Ferris Wheel, but it also has other rides such as the musical carousel with 36 hand painted animals.

What more can you’re kids ask for! Enjoy the music as it spins around and around!

Fairground at Navy Pier, Chicago (© neighborhood carnivals have swing rides, but the Wave Swinger Ride at the Pier is bigger and taller than you’re regular neighborhood carnival.

Kids and adults enjoy this experience. I hope you’re in for a swinging time!

They also have remote control boats for your kids to enjoy along with the 13 foot Light Tower Ride that bounces up and down!

If you want to enjoy a game of miniature golf with your friends and family.

There are plenty of putts happening here and lots of fun going on at the Pier!

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel Location: 600 East Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60611

Phone:(312) 595-PIER (800) 595-PIER