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Navy Pier Imax Theatre Will Take You Into A Whole New World Of Action!

Have you ever been to the Navy Pier Imax Theatre? Are you a movie fan or do you like to follow different series of certain science fiction films year after year? Are you an old vintage or black and white movie fan?

Well I am and have taken my kids to this Theatre many times.

Do you like action packed adventures or does your children seek out the latest children movies?

You will do yourself and your family justice when you visit here.

You have to prepare yourself for this experience before you visit! It’s not a regular or standard movie theater that serves popcorn and goodies and then you just simply watch a movie.

The IMAX and IMAX 3D flat screens are eight stories high!

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Don’t worry about the brightness or clarity. These screens will deliver to you a clear and crisp image!

You will have a choice of two types of 3D glasses.

Going to this theatre is an invitation into a whole new world.

You will not just watch a movie from the outside, but you will have front row seats in experiencing what’s inside the movie.

You’ll feel that you’re a part of whatever favorite or interesting movie you are watching.

Cinema (© out because you will feel like somebody gave you the best seat in the house no matter where you sit!

The sound system in this place is unbelievable! Kids and adults alike love this place.

If you have never been to this theater you are missing out on a fantastic journey!

It’s a place that’s worth visiting over and over again especially if you are an avid movie lover.

What’s more exciting than visiting an incredible Imax theater on the Navy Pier lakefront!

When you enter this large building you will see this huge screen!

The surround sound of the audio system will blast you into another world!

After you finish with your dynamic movie experience you can view the beautiful Lakefront and Pier, and enjoy the many other numerous attractions this Pier has to offer.

The Imax theatre is wheelchair accessible and welcoming to your entire family, friends and significant others.

The Theatre is ideally situated at Navy Pier.


Navy Pier IMAX Theatre 700 East Grand Ave. Ste. 115 Chicago IL, 60611