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Pace Bus Service and CTA Buses Will Get You Around Chicago

The Pace Bus Service runs throughout the suburbs, and back and forth to Chicago.It has about 200 bus routes, so you can pretty much go anywhere with ease.

The Pace Bus works in conjunction with and directly connects you to the CTA and the Metra transit system to get you where you need to go.

So if you are a commuter, visiting the Chicago area, or just a traveler, it’s a great way to get around because of it’s very versatile transportation system.

Whether you need individualized, group bus service, van or shuttle service. This bus system can accommodate you.

Many people enjoy the accommodations that this transportation provider give you.

If you have a disability, you can find service in the Pace system to accommodate your transportation needs.

It has a free park and ride system where you can find the park and ride locations in your neighborhood or surrounding area and get access to bus services.

Plus all Pace Buses have bike racks where you can take your bike along with you.

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They also have van pools where you can commute with others at a cost saving price.

You can arrange to have a Pace vans with other commuters pick you up at a Metra train station at a discounted price compared to what you would normally pay for a car commute every month.

This transportation system has a work-related transportation service, where they can provide bus service to people with disabilities.

They have employee shuttles that allow companies to use pace vans for work related trips.

If you need fare, route and schedule information, call:

RTA Travel Info: 836-7000 (any Chicago or suburban area code)

Customer Relations: (847) 364-PACE

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The CTA bus system is the most used form of transportation in the Chicago Transit System.

It has 140 routes and there are about 12,000 bus stops throughout the areas they serve.

These bus routes are to local communities and all throughout Chicago. You will spot a CTA bus anywhere as they are always running.

There are bus stops everywhere and all you have to do is to know the schedules and be ready for a pickup.

They also have express buses that run all day and through the night. During rush hour CTA buses run every few minutes.The buses that are available to Chicago and suburban commuters are very reliable and easy to access.

If you like to ride your bike and travel then the CTA bus system has a bike and ride program.

You can carry your bike on a rack on the front of the bus, and continue cycling after your stop.

For more information on CTA bus routes and schedules and Pace Bus Service:

Call 1-888-YOUR-CTA