Chicago Is Anyone’s Kind Of Town With One Of A Kind Attractions

The Sears Tower Chicago Is A Must Stop Place In The City!

Although the Sears Tower Chicago, now known as the Willis Tower is currently not the tallest building in the world, it held that spot for 25 years.

It’s still however is the tallest building in the U.S. and it’s one of the most highly visited tourist attractions in the world.

There may be other buildings in the world that are taller than this tower, but don’t let that fool you because this building is in a class of it’s own.

This corporate office building is the home to more than 100 companies.

Sears Tower  (© /nazdraviet).This building sways on windy days, and you can experience that feel at times.

Here are some incredible and fun Tower facts!

In 1969 Sears, Roebuck and Company was the largest retailer in the world.

It had hundred of thousands of employees so the Sears executives decided to build a structure that could hold all of it’s employees.

The Sears or Willis Tower has 110 stories. The height is 1,450 feet high.

It has 104 elevators with very fast speeds, and as you’re ascending to the high altitudes you can sometimes hear your ears pop.

You will have excitement brewing as you anticipate the panoramic views and the experience!

The sky deck on the 103rd floor takes in over a million tourist a year.

Another daring Sears Tower fact is that there was actually a French man known by the Chicago area population as “Spiderman.”

His name was Alain Robert and he actually climbed the Sears /Willis tower with his bare hands and feet!

Sears  (© iStockphoto.comchristopherarnd.

When you are on the Sears Tower Skydeckwhich is located on the 103rd floor of this building, you can see our neighboring states on a clear day.

This is a must stop place in the Willis Tower. According to the Willis Tower Home Equities Management the building weighs more than 222,500 tons.

It offers more than 3.8 million square feet of office and retail space.

The Willis tower would cover 105 acres if it was spread across one level. This would be about 16 Chicago blocks.

There are 25 miles of plumbing, 1,500 miles of electric wiring, 80 miles of elevator cable, and 145,00 light fixtures.

The building weighs more than 225,000 tons and it cost 175 million to build in 1973.

The rentable space consist of 107 office levels.

Willis Tower has one of the most complete life safety systems ever devised for a high-rise building.

All steel is fireproofed. Automatic sprinklers cover each of the 4.5 million gross square feet of space.

There are many restaurants in Willis Tower.

Some include restaurants or eateries, such as Starbucks, the Corner Bakery, French Accent, Market Creations, and Dunkin Donuts.

They also have the Met Club Cafe, Venice Cafe and Salseria Grill & Cantina.

There’s a private members-only Metropolitan Club that offers one of Chicago’s finest business dining and meeting facilities.

Sears Tower at Night   (© /gk-6mtgk-6mt).

This building has so much to offer when you visit. Visiting this structure will be an experience of a lifetime!

As a matter of fact Chicago has many spectacular skyscrapers, old and new that are worth seeing!

So as you continue to enjoy the city whether you are a visitor or live in Illinois don’t forget about these skyscrapers.

Chicago is a city with big shoulders and a variety of dynamic architectural designs with it’s structures.

So if you want to enjoy good sightseeing don’t leave the city without viewing the inside and outside of some of these buildings.

Whether it’s by boat or land. Chicago has many tour options to see these structures.

Location of Sears Tower Chicago/Willis Tower:

233 South Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL 60606-6437 (312) 875-9696

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