Chicago Is Anyone’s Kind Of Town With One Of A Kind Attractions

The Shedd Aquarium Chicago Unique Marine Life

The Shedd Aquarium Chicago was known as the world’s largest aquarium for many years.

If you like the beaches, lakes, rivers or the ocean and what lives in them, then you will like it here.

With it’s Greek and Roman Style architecture it boasts attractions that are fun and educational for everyone.

Chicago Skyline with Shedd Aquarium (© Aquarium’s location is on Chicago’s lake shore. The indoor views of the aquarium water looking onto Lake Michigan gives it a feel that it’s an extension of the Lake Shore.

When you first arrive into this building it’s architectural style and columns will leave you with an understanding of how great this Chicago Aquariums structure really is!

Large Aquarium (©Mark William Penny/

John G. Shedd built the Aquarium in the late 1920’s. It took only two years to complete the construction, and it was opened in 1930.

As being one of the first aquariums that was inland. The Shedd Aquarium had to transport millions of gallons of saltwater from the ocean, and fish to create the first inland saltwater collection.

Today a lot has changed at this famous water sanctuary. There are many exhibits as well as numerous different species of fish and marine animals.

There are attractions like the Oceanarium, Waters of the World, Polar Play Zone, Shedd Aquatic Shows, Amazon Rising, and the Wild Reef.

These attractions will give you a new respect for the diversity that the waters of the world bring to us.

Shedd Aquarium (©

You will also be encouraged to help take care of our planet and the fragile animal life that it has to offer.

The Waters of the World, exhibit takes you into the different water systems of the world and exposes you to the different water life and animals that live there.

You will be provided with visual as well as educational information on our vast bodies of water. It also provides information about our own local water.

In the Amazon Rising you will be exposed to the dramatic realization of how marine life, plants and people interact with the changes that this region of the world has to adapt to.

Caribbean Reef is a 90,000-gallon circular habitat in the grand rotunda. If you like the Caribbean Islands then you will enjoy what this unique part of the world adds to marine life.

The Polar Play Zone provides plenty of interaction for your active kids. They get to touch, see and interact with life like marine animals. They can also pretend they are certain animals.

You will experience an educational interaction as well as a way to be a part of marine life.




In Wild Reef you can be very close to dangerous sharks but you won’t be eaten alive!

This exhibit displays valuable information about our rare coral reefs, and the spectacular and diverse creatures and sea plants that live there.

You even get to visit a fishing village and learn how they saved their reef from destruction.

After you leave this attraction you will have a better respect to what coral reefs add to the entire ocean system. The Abbott Oceanarium exposes you to the ocean mammals such as the beluga whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, sea otters and sea lions.

The Aquatic Show shows you how Dolphins can powerfully fly high into the air. You will see how belugas know how to dance!

These exhibits will make you fall in love with sea life all over again!Hours:

Regular spring hours

9 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday through Friday

9 a.m.–6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Open every day of the year except Christmas.

Shedd Aquarium Chicago Location:

1200 South Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60605 (312) 939-2438