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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Don’t Plan On Staying Dry Here!

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is open late May through early September.

There are many water parks in Illinois. However this is one of the largest.

The park has 100,000 square feet of slides, and pools which equals to plenty of water fun.

The rides are for people who want to enjoy all levels of fun.

So if you like to have water fun to the point you can indulge yourself for a day, and forget about any stress, then this will be a good escape!

These rides are especially made for children to adults, and range from mild to very thrilling.

So where comfortable clothes, and be prepared to stay wet!

Here’s a peek at some of the rides I’ve enjoyed. However, the rides are so numerous it’s impossible to list them all on this page.

There’s the award winning Tornado Ride where you will get soaked.

The Tornado drops over seven stories into a 60-foot-tall, 132-foot-long water funnel.

Then you will go through 5,000 gallons of churning water. The name speaks of the experience it will give you.

So don’t worry your kids won’t complain of boredom here.

Make sure you try the simulated ocean ride at Hurricane Bay where a huge, half-million-gallon wave pool dips you in waves, and then into a massive surf.

If you like rafting and plunges that give you that adrenaline rush. Bahama Mama and Bubba Tubba is a multi-passenger raft that will take you down six stories of a high-banked course. Nice names huh?

The Logger’s Run is a water flume that will take you down into a swirling lagoon.

At Monsoon Lagoon you can cool off in the pool with it’s rockscapped waterfall and 7 spray columns.

I’m sure you can tell by now that you have to be in for an adventurous time when you come to Six Flags.

They have the Dive Bomberwhere the floor drops out from beneath you, and you will free-fall 5 stories up to 40 mph into a looping water slide.You will definitely be swirling rapidly down this course.

If you’re looking for action you can ride a multi-passenger raft down six stories of a high-banked course.

If you’ve ever tried to raft down a thrilling river you’ll like this one.

Some of these rides are not for the faint at heart! There’s theHammerhead and Barracuda where you plunge down five stories of tube slides, switching from open to enclosed flumes all the way.

This ride is action packed, and not for the timid. The Paradise Plunge andRiptide is another ride that’s very fast and action packed.

You go downhill and shoot into a like a pool below like a projectile at speeds up to 40 miles per hour.

If you want to go headfirst on mat slides through spiraling tunnels you can ride the Wahoo Racer. The rapid waters will help you get to the bottom in no time.

The Wipeout which is a thrilling water slide takes groups of 2-4 people swirling on a raft through tight turns.

You go through 2 funnels, and then get to drop 35 feet.

If that doesn’t sound adventurous and daring I don’t know what will.

They are always adding new rides, and this list is definitely not exhaustive!

So come prepared for some Mega Fun and action! Bring your swimsuits and remember you can only wear them in the Hurricane Harbor part of the park. Also don’t forget suntan lotion.


Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and Great America 1 Great America Parkway Gurnee, IL 60031 Located on I-94 at Route 132 (Grand Ave.)

Phone: (847) 249-1776

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